Foundation for the Preservation of the Nation of Ezdi

Foundation for the Preservation of the Nation of Ezdi 1

Objectives and tasks of the Foundation

1. The Foundation’s objective is to:
  1. Recognition of the Ezdi as an independent nationality throughout the world.
  2. Recognition and preservation of the Ezdi language.
  3. The recognition and preservation of the culture, customs and traditions of the religion of ShafraDin.
  4. Promote a positive image of the Ezdi.
  5. Preserve and popularise the national tradition of the Ezdi, to develop the Ezdi national, civic and cultural awareness.
  6. Build and restore the Ezdi national resources and wealth.
2. These objectives shall be pursued by:
  1. Organising and providing humanitarian, charity, developmental, socially useful and educational aid;
  2. Providing assistance to victims of calamities, natural disasters, armed conflicts and wars, including help in regaining freedom;
  3. Disseminating and protecting human rights and freedoms and civil liberties, as well as activities supporting the development of democracy;
  4. Supporting and promoting the comprehensive intellectual and cultural development of the Ezdi in society, including the disabled and the socially vulnerable groups and by popularising high ethical standards.
  5. Implementing programmes aimed at economic development, in particular to support the growth of competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises run by women in particular.
  6. Promoting the Republic of Poland abroad.
  7. Developing economic cooperation in the international arena.
3. The Foundation pursues its objectives especially by:
  1. Organising fund-raising campaigns for the Foundation’s objectives;
  2. Organising long-term forms of financial support for projects falling within the Foundation’s objectives;
  3. Organising or conducting training, courses, lectures, seminars, symposia, conferences, shows, exhibitions, fairs, speeches, etc.;
  4. Running an IT platform, web site and by publishing publications consistent with the Foundation’s objectives;
  5. Organising and financing conferences, conventions, meetings to promote cooperation with domestic and foreign institutions falling within the field of the Foundation’s interest;
  6. Cooperation with state authorities, local governments, institutions, the media, businesses and individuals to the extent necessary to achieve the Foundation’s objectives;
  7. Membership in organisations affiliating Polish and foreign foundations with the statutory objectives coinciding with the Foundation’s objective.